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Wedding Dress Styles for Your Body shape

A guide to finding the best bridal gown for your body type and shape

What shape am I?

First take your measurements

Bust               the fullest part while wearing a bra

Waist            where you naturally go in. If you don’t have a natural waist, stand straight and gently bend to one side. Where your waist starts to crease, that’s where you should measure

Hips              measure around the fullest part of your hips and bottom

Using those measurements, you can determine which body shape you have.

Pear or Bottom Heavy

If your hips and thighs are bigger than your bust and shoulders, then you may be a pear shape.

Your aim

It depends on how you feel about your shape. You will either want to reduce the visual impact of the hip and thighs or fully show them off (think Kim Kardashian)

Suggested Shapes or features

A fitted top with a full skirt is great for the pear. It looks feminine, shows off your upper body, but can hide hips under a lovely large triangle. Make the most of your tiny waist and lovely bust area. Getting the bottom half of the gown right is going to be the focus.

If you want to rock your booty then a modified a-line is the way to go. Hugging your curves and then flaring out mid thigh make the most of your curves.

It doesn’t matter what size you are – pears can come in large or small. But these gowns should give you a head start on what will suit you. Remember that nothing can substitute for trying gowns on.

Some suggested gowns for Pear Shapes

Apple or Rounded

If your waist is not smaller (or even a little larger) than your bust or hips then you are likely to be an Apple. A little round in the middle.

Your aim

Some great structure in the dress as well as some corsetry can help define a waistline for you. Pull in the waist and draw attention away from your middle.

Suggested Shapes or features

Bridal is great for you, so look at ruched gowns, and the a-line skirt is definitely your friend. Great waist construction is essential. Get the middle bit right with some good corsetry and some cleverly draped or pleated construction. Make sure you get a quality gown with really good boning. An a-line or full skirted gown will give you the illusion of a waist making a triangle from the ground up.

Lucky for apples, bridal is structured and can really help out and give you a gorgeous shape on your wedding day. You can hide the stomach area and show off your bust. It doesn’t matter what size you are – apples can come in large or small. But these gowns should give you a head start on what will suit you.

Some suggested gowns for Apple Shapes


If your hips are about 1 inch bigger than your bust and your waist is about 4 inches smaller then it is likely that you are an hourglass. You are curvaceous, with a noticeable bust and hips with a smaller waist

Your aim

It might be to show off your curves or if you are modest then it might be to play them down.

Suggested Shapes or features

Go for something constructed. A bias, lightweight gown may make you look lumpy and bumpy and won’t show off your waist.

If you wear the fit and flare mermaid shape, then you will really show off your assets to the best advantage. You can go for a really tight shape over the bum and a V or plunging neckline.

You will also look great in a gown that has more coverage. Just ensure that your chosen gowns cinches in your waist. Depending on how heavy your boobies are, you may need great construction in the cup area to ensure that bust is well under control.

It doesn’t matter what size you are – hourglasses can come in large or small. But these gowns should give you a head start on what will suit you.

Some suggested styles for hourglass figures

Column, or straight up and down

If all three of your basic body measurements all come up roughly the same then you are what we refer to as an column. As you can tell from the name you are fairly straight up and down. Bridal is so fantastic at using construction to create a bust and also some booty.

Your aim

To give the illusion of a little curve and to give you some shape.

Suggested Shapes or features

A quality constructed gown is made to be flattering, so they will create a waist. Well placed lace or embroidery can trick the eye and give shape.

It you are a tall column then make sure you use that to your advantage and chose an elegant gown. Because you aren’t trying to hide anything you can go for a gown with a lot of features – think overlays, detachable trains, layers of fabric.

Some suggested styles for column figures

Inverted Triangle

This shape is defined by a look in the mirror. If you have broad shoulders tapering down your body to slim hips and legs, then it is likely you are an inverted triangle.

Your aim

To balance your shoulders and visually reduce their proportion

Suggested Shapes or features

You want to balance out your shoulders. This can be done by drawing attention to the skirt hem, so you have your inverted triangle from shoulder to waist balanced by another triangle from hem to waist. Wide set straps or a wide halter will cut your broad shouldered look.

Models are inverted triangles, so if you are tall and slim take advantage of being a clothes hanger! Try a bias cut, you are one of the few shapes that can wear this gown.

Some suggested styles for inverted trianges

Athletic Shape

You are a super fit bride with taut defined arms and back, maybe muscly shoulders and a flat tummy.


Your aim

Your gown can give you a chance to show off the work you have put in and also a chance to wear some girly clothing.


Suggested Shapes or features

The athletic bride is someone who works out and has a strong body. So there won’t be too many areas of your body that we need to hide. Often it is just a case of softening the body line a little to look feminine. Choosing a floaty or lace fabric can achieve this very quickly. Feminine necklines such as V necks or Plunges work well to draw the eye down your body. You have the opportunity to wear a backless gown, as not all other body shapes can get away with this exposure.

Some suggested styles for athletic figures