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7 Wedding Dress Sample Sale Tips

Wedding Dress Sample Sale Hints and Tips 

Wedding Dress Sample Sale 22 November to 30 November 

The secret is out! We are holding our yearly Black Friday wedding dress Sample Sale Friday 22 November to Saturday 30 November.
Wanna know the low down on all things Sample Sale? Read on lovely brides..
  1. What D’fuq is a Sample Sale? We have hundreds of beautiful gowns on our rails. These are for our brides to try on and we then usually order our brides a brand new gown for their wedding day. However our Designers regularly discontinue gowns so we can no longer order for them. Or sometimes we just need to free up some rail space for brand new dresses arriving in the store. This is where we’re happy to sell you our beautiful sample gowns at a heavily reduced price! Wahoo! We love a bridal bargain! 
  2. Don’t come to a sample sale blind. Do your research. All our dresses are online. Have a browse to see which dresses you would be interested in trying. Note down the dresses you like and want to try on. 
  3. Don’t let this be your first ever bridal appointment. If you have never tried on a bridal gown and have absolutely no idea what you’re looking for, no idea what style suits you, No idea what designers you like, this probably isn’t the place for you. Our appointment slots are limited to 1 hour so you may not have the time to decide what type of bride you want to be.
  4.  Expect a busy chaotic appointment! Let’s be frank. Sample sales are not as glamorous as our usual bridal appointments. Don’t expect bubbly or privacy. Brace yourself for crowds, makeshift fitting rooms and limited sizes. 
  5. You snooze you lose! If you fall in love, we have just that one dress. This is not the time to go away and sleep in it as they’ll be other brides waiting to try on the gown you love. We don’t hold or reserve dresses so you’ll need to make a snap decision. 
  6. Money talks. Sample gowns are full payment upfront. We don’t accept part payments I’m afraid. Make sure you bring your plastic!  You can even take your dress away with you on the day if you’d like. 
  7. The bride tribe. As you have such a limited time to browse and try on (just 1 hour) we recommend that you limit the number of guests you bring. It’s going to be busy enough without a huge entourage! Choose just 2 people who you know will support you and will help you make a decision. Choose wisely… now is not the time to bring the sulky/catty friends as they’ll just knock your confidence and dampen your experience. And trust us, too many people = too many opinions which will just confuse you. 

 Ready to take the plunge? You can either book your appointment online to ensure you secure a time and date that suits you. 

Walk ins Welcome

Alternatively, just pop in and see us. We’re happy to accept walk ins, but just remember that if you choose to visit us at peak times (Saturdays!) you may have a wait before you can try on.