In-house Fittings and Alterations Service

Chameleon offers an in-house wedding dress alterations and fitting service to our brides. We have two very skilled bridal seamstresses who have been working on wedding dresses for a combined total of over 25 years!

What to expect during the alterations process

The time you spend with your seamstress is precious and will make all the difference to how your gown will ultimately look.

Your first bridal fitting will take place 8-10 weeks before your wedding.

All of dresses are made to order and not made to measure. This means that they are made to specific size and not to your specific measurements. You are therefore very likely to require the gown to be fitted to your body.

The number of fittings required may vary. Most brides require 2-3 fittings to ensure a perfect fit.

Providing your measurements do not change, we only charge for the finished job, not the number of fittings.

Things to remember

Each time you come for a fitting it is essential to bring your bridal shoes and the lingerie (if required) you will be wearing on the day. The fitting cannot be carried out without them, as they will naturally alter the fit of the gown.

Fitting Times

Our fitting times are Mondays to Fridays 9.15am- 4pm. We do not offer a fitting service on a Saturday as we do not have seamstresses and in addition, the shop can get very busy and there is always a risk to your gown when people are milling around. We prefer a quiet relaxed environment for you and us.

Please allow about an hour for a first fitting and approximately 30-45 minutes for your second/third fit.

Bridal and Occasion Wear Alterations

Please note that alterations are very bespoke – it depends on your dress, the detail of the fabric, what  you are asking us to do and how long that will take our seamstress. Obviously the more detailed and full the dress, the larger the job! Please contact us for a quote.