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When should I start wedding dress shopping?

Wedding dresses are made to order for you. They usually take 4-8 months to be made (it varies from Designer to Designer). You also want to allow time for your alterations (approx 2-3 months)

Losing weight? That’s fine we can downsize the dress by around 2 sizes. Don’t let this delay your search as shopping too close to your wedding date can limit your options

10-18 months before

Perfect! You’ll have the most choice and stress free experience.

We recommend that you only start shopping when you have a date booked and a venue. The season and location of your wedding will hugely impact the type of dress you wear.

9-10 months before

Cutting it fine with some of our Designers. Enzoani, Elysee and Eva Lendel all require 6 months delivery time and you need 2-3 months for alterations. So you’ll have to rush into alterations as soon as your dress arrives. You may feel a little pressured trying to fit in your alterations as our seamstresses only have so many spaces in their diary. You may have missed your opportunity at having in-house alterations and our seamstresses close their diary when at capacity.

2-8 months before

Your dress options are a little more restricted to what can be ordered in time, designer stock (they carry a teeny tiny bit) or samples that can be purchased off the peg.

With all the chaos this year (energy crisis, shipping issues, staff shortages) delivery times have grown and we can’t promise that they won’t get longer still.

We want all our brides to have THE dress, not a 2nd choice.

Our biggest advice is don’t wait. We never want to have to say those dreaded words – you’ve missed the delivery cut off date and we can’t get you this dress.

The best advice we can give is the earlier you see us, the more choice you will have.

Don’t shop too early

Start your search whenever you feel ready to commit.

There’s no point shopping “just to see what’s out there”. Styles change and designers do discontinue gowns.

If you’re not ready to commit, something you try on and fall in love with may no longer be available months down the line when you feel ready to order. Imagine the scenario that you tried on “just for fun”, when you were not ready emotionally or financially to commit to a dress. 4 months later, you feel ready, head back to the boutique to try on the dress you have been dreaming of for months… only to be told we no longer have her and she was discontinued. Aaaargh!

Shopping when you’re not ready to commit only leads to heartache. Trust us – we’ve seen the tears!