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How much are wedding dresses in the UK?

Eek. The thorny subject of the price of wedding dresses. Many shops will have their price range on their website which gives you a rough idea of a bracket of prices.

At Chameleon, we are refreshingly different. We have decided to be completely transparent about our prices. If you have a little browse of our website, you can see all the exact prices for each wedding dress we stock.

We want you to be prepared and comfortable with the dresses and price range we stock.

For a brand new gown, our dresses start at around £1,100 and go up to £2,600, however most our gowns fall within the £1,400-£1,800 bracket

Browse our wedding dress prices


Decide how much you want to spend.

Trying on (and falling in love with) a dress you will never be able to afford just leads to heartache. Trust us it’s not fun. You will end up comparing everything to that dress! 

We see all type of budgets. We won’t judge you – everyone’s limit is different. But we do need you to be honest.

Before you come shopping, check that the Designers you like and the dresses you are drawn to are in budget.

Smaller budget

If your budget is smaller than the dresses we have in store, give us a call to discuss your options. We sometimes sell discontinued or past season dresses straight off the peg.

We have sample sales 1-2 times a year.

As it will have been tried on by other brides, you may receive a discount on our sample. Sometimes up to 70% off!