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5 Handy Hints for attending a Bridal Designer Trunk Show….

 5 Handy Hints for attending a Bridal Designer Trunk Show….


Firstly lets outline what a Trunk Show actually is. A Trunk Show comes from back in the day when a designer would send you all their new season dresses in a Trunk show brides could preview them. Whilst the dresses no longer arrive in a Trunk, the concept is the same. At trunk shows, brides can view and try on a larger selection of a bridal designer’s collection than is usually carried in a bridal salon.


Do your homework!  Before booking to attend a trunk show, research the designer the trunk show is for. This allows you to decide whether or not the gowns are the style you are looking for and if any do set your heart racing make a note of designs you like then give the store a call and check if any of your favourites will be available on the Trunk Show date. Sometimes the store can request a particular design especially for you to try on so it’s worth checking! However don’t forget to keep an open mind, try a wide selection of styles it’s really not unusual to fall totally in love with a gown that you had never imagined would be the ONE!!!


Guests! Try to limit the number of guests to come along with you, brides often find too many opinions totally overwhelming. Bring only those whose opinions you trust and of which are important to you! One or two is perfect, bigger numbers and time begins to get wasted trying to please everyone else.


Finding the One!! Make sure if you wish to purchase a gown brought into the shop for the trunk show you do so at the event. This is important as these samples are usually only in the shop for the duration of the event, often only couple of days. Therefore if you decide to purchase this gown at a later date it is unlikely you will be able to re-try the gown at the time of order.


Be aware! The sizing of gowns sent in for a trunk show are limited, they can often be smaller than standard shop samples, however most reputable shops have a wide range of sample sizes in their main stock. Remember the gown you try on is only the sample, if you wish to order, you are then measured and the gown is ordered in the best size for you and in the colour way you would like.


Sales Consultants!  The help you will receive in a reputable Bridal Salon can be invaluable, usually the consultants have years of experience and endless patience! So listen to their advice and recommendations they usually know the stock gowns very well, what flatters certain figure insecurities, what can be added what can be adjusted. They are there to help you to find your dream dress, it’s their passion so relax and enjoy yourself!