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Somewhere between the snow draped Atlas Mountains and red Marrakech desert is where you’ll find Avery. On a first glance some might say she is lost, but on a closer look her smile is magical and her movements within the desert say she is very much found. With each walk along the gravely red earth her skirt billows around her. The thin spaghetti straps create a casual ease reciprocated by the large floral lace falling across the gown. Avery twists and turns dancing with the mountains as her backdrop, showcasing her low circular back finished off with six pearl buttons. As the sun turns golden Avery’s glitter under-layer seeps through the soft tulle lace making her pulse and shimmer. Modernised with some dripping gold earrings and hair in loose waves turns Avery into a visual masterpiece.

Our sample is no longer available in Chameleon. We have moved our sample to our sister, off the peg shop, the Bridal Outlet   www.thebridaloutletdorset.co.uk


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Avery Madi Lane

Avery by Madi Lane. Available to try at Chameleon Bride Bournemouth Dorset

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