Mother of the Bride Size Charts

Mother of the Bride Size Charts

Very much like high street clothing, our Designers size charts and fit vary so much.

We have therefore produced this handy guide so you can see what size you are likely to be in each one.

With designer occasionwear, we do find that often the outfits come up smaller than on the high street. Ladies please, please, please remember it’s just a number. No-one will see it when you wear it. By having to wear an outfit with a label in a larger size than you are used to does not make you larger than when you walked through our door. So please do not get het up by it. You are still YOU and are still exactly the same shape and size as you were before!

How to measure yourself correctly

1 – Bust
Place the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust, at nipple level. Hold the tape measure securely around your bust, make sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor so that it’s straight on your body.

2 – Waist
Find the top of your hips and the base of your rib cage. Your waist is the soft, fleshy section between these two bony parts. Alternatively stand upright and bend to the side – where you crease is where you should measure.  The measuring tape should be parallel to the floor and fit snugly around your torso without digging into your skin.

3 – Hips
Move the measuring tape so that it is at the widest fullest point of your buttocks. Check that the tape is parallel to the ground at all points. Also, make sure it is not twisted.

Fely Campo

Bust (inches)33.0734.6536.2237.8039.3740.9442.5244.0945.6747.2448.8250.3951.97

Ian Stuart

Bust (inches)3436373839.54142.544.546.5

John Charles

Bust (inches)363840424446

Veni Infantino

Unlike our other designers, we find that Veni fits very similar to high street sizing so take your normal high street size. You can double check this using the chart below

Bust (inches)34373838404245474951

*Please note that these are just guidelines only and as with outfits on the high street, some outfits may be a slimmer or looser fit than others.