Gill Harvey

The 2020 Fitzrovia Collection

Available now in our boutique

In 2019, we welcomed Gill Harvey to our Mother of the Bride/ Groom Boutique. We have now just received the brand new 2020 Fitzrovia collection.

The success of her bridal collection Eliza Jane Howell inspired Gill Harvey to change the look of her occasion wear collection.

As a result she now offers a much needed alternative to the traditional mother of the bride formula.

The collection is vintage inspired beaded dresses and that ooze elegance, sophistication and glamour.

Furthermore, they love feather details!

This collection will take you anywhere in style.

These designs were so popular that we only have a few styles left. We are currently awaiting the new 2020 Fitrovia collection.

Price Bracket £550-£900


In addition, we stock coordinating accessories such as hats, fascinators, hatinators, shoes and bags.


We also offer an inhouse seamstress who can ensure that your chosen outfit fits your body absolutely perfectly.


Appointments are strongly recommended as these will always take priority. Many mums want to pop in just to have a “quick look” – but then when they have looked want to try on (it’s inevitable as we have so many beautiful outfits!) In order to try on, we would need a fitting room free. If you do drop it without an appointment, we may not be able to see you as we can get busy, particularly on a Saturday and are often fully booked.